Class # Prep Work Studio Topics Begin Assignment* Objectives
1 Prep Work Making Headlines HTML, Git basics   Objectives
2 Prep Work Fireside Story HTML, CSS, Git branches and remote repositories HTML Me Something Objectives
3 Prep Work FlickList 1 HTTP / how the web works, Create a web app   Objectives
4 Prep Work FlickList 2 HTML forms and inputs Web Caesar Objectives
5 Prep Work FlickList 3 Validating forms, redirecting, HTML escaping Objectives
6 Prep Work FlickList 4 Templates User Signup Objectives
7 Prep Work Databases Part 1 and Flicklist 5 Databases and SQL   Objectives
8 Prep Work Databases Part 2 More on Databases and SQL   Objectives
9 Prep Work FlickList 6 Object-Relational Mapping Build-a-Blog Objectives
10 Prep Work FlickList 7 User Objects, Authentication, and Relationships   Objectives
11 Prep Work Cookies Blogz Objectives
12 Prep Work FlickList 8 The Model-View-Controller Pattern   Objectives
13 Prep Work FlickList 9 Hashing Passwords   Objectives
14 Prep Work FlickList 10 Bootstrap   Objectives

* Check for assignment due dates since these can vary by class section.