Assignments are small projects in which you will combine the concepts you have been learning. See for the due-dates and when to begin each assignment.

How to Submit

The process for submitting your work is always the same:

  1. Finish the assignment.
  2. commit and push your work to a repository on your GitHub profile.
  3. Find the corresponding assignment on and enter the GitHub URL for your project.
  4. Find a TF and demo your project for them.

HTML Me Something

Practice the basics of HTML and CSS by creating your own static webpage from scratch.

Work on HTML Me Something

Web Caesar

Code along to a video tutorial / lecture in which we build web-app that encrypts the user's text input using the Caesar cipher.

Work on Web Caesar

User Signup

Create a web-app that presents the user with a "sign up" form and responds appropriately to the form submission, either by accepting it or by rejecting it and presenting helpful feedback so the user knows what they did wrong.

Work on User Signup


Create a web-app that allows the user to create blog posts and browse and read previously-created posts.

Work on Build-a-blog


Expand upon the previous assignment by introducing user accounts, so that each blog post is associated with a particular user, and users must be logged in to create posts.

Work on Blogz