Making Headlines

Get an introduction to web developer tools in Firefox, and use them to inspect and change the contents of a live web site.

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Fireside Story

Learn how to create code together with a partner with a simple, fun story exercise.

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Rather than a single studio, Flicklist is a progressive series of studios. Each studio builds on work done in the previous studio. Additionally, each studio begins with an instructor-led walkthrough to introduce new ideas.

Flicklist 1

Project setup, responding to requests, generating random output.

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Flicklist 2

Building forms, handling form submissions.

Work on Flicklist 2

Flicklist 3

Validating user-submitted data.

Work on Flicklist 3

Flicklist 4

Using templates to render views including responding to bad input (validations) and confirmation pages.

Work on Flicklist 4

Flicklist 5

Add feature for rating watched movies.

Work on Flicklist 5

Flicklist 6

Persisting movie data to a database.

Work on Flicklist 6

Flicklist 7

Add user registration and login form handling. Store new users in the database.

Work on Flicklist 7

Flicklist 8

Relate the User and Movie classes so that users have their own unique movie lists.

Work on Flicklist 8

Flicklist 9

Password hashing

Work on Flicklist 9

Flicklist 10

Add Bootstrap to Flicklist to enhance the user interface

Work on Flicklist 10


Create and manipulate tables, as well as explore the parallels between Python objects and database tables. Then make a real database locally and use it to perform SQL queries through phpMyAdmin.

Databases Part 1

Explore how tables in relational databases relate to each other and their similarities to Python objects. Practice SQL queries.

Work on Databases Part 1

Databases Part 2

Import a .sql file and create a database on your computer. Use phpMyAdmin to make queries on your database tables.

Work on Databases Part 2