Studio: FlickList 8

This studio has a different structure than past Flicklist studios. Instead of watching an instructor-led walkthrough and then tackling a problem on your own, you will be given tasks to add new features to the application straightaway. This will allow you to apply more of the concepts you've learned in class on your own.


Our app at this point has user accounts and login, but users are still collaboratively editing the same list of movies. We need to fix that:

  • We'll add relationships between the Movie and User classes, so that each movie "belongs to" a specific user.
  • We'll refactor the code so that it is cleaner and more reusable, in line with the MVC pattern.
  • We will update the / and /ratings page so that a user only sees a list of movies of which she is the owner.

Checking Out the Studio code

Follow the instructions for getting the code in order to get the starter code for studio8.

Your Tasks

Notice that we are no longer littering your studio code with TODOs. Your instructions for the tasks you need to fulfill will be here in this section.

  1. Add a column to the User class representing its relationship to the Movie class. And add a property to the Movie class that holds the id of the owner. Review the relevant Get it Done! video lesson if you need a reminder of the process. Remember that you will have to drop and re-create tables after making these changes. While you're in the python session that does this, make sure to manually add a user to the database (since you lost all the records you added previously after dropping the tables).

  2. Given what you learned about the MVC pattern, refactor your code accordingly:

    • Model: Move the User and Movie classes to a file named Then refactor out the app and database configuration code to a file named Specifically, the file will have these 7 lines:
    from flask import Flask
    from flask_sqlalchemy import SQLAlchemy
    app = Flask(__name__)
    app.config['DEBUG'] = True      # displays runtime errors in the browser, too
    app.config['SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI'] = 'mysql+pymysql://flicklist:[email protected]:8889/flicklist'
    app.config['SQLALCHEMY_ECHO'] = True
    db = SQLAlchemy(app)
    • View: Your view code is already contained in your template files; no need to do anything further.
    • Controller: Now the code that remains in your file is the controller code.
    • Add import code: You will need to import db from in the file in order for the code in that file to function. And now, in order for to utilize the User and Movie classes, you will need to import them into Finally, you will need to import app and db from into
  3. When the user visits the / and /ratings pages showing the unwatched and watched movies, she still sees everybody's movies. Fix it so that she only sees her own unwatched and watched movies. Also, you'll need to change the code to add a movie to the watchlist so that you assign an owner to the movie object.