Class 13 Prep


How can we ensure that our user's data--and passwords, in particular--is as safe as possible? As developers, we want to make sure we do as much as possible to prevent hackers from stealing and using passwords in the event of a data breach.

In this set of lessons, we'll learn how to securely store passwords using a technique called hashing.

As motivation for this lesson, listen to Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman talk about a mistake he made that exposed all of the user passwords on his site.

Task Resource Type Link Instructions
Watch Video Lesson Introduction to Hashing Learn about some of the concepts involved in securely storing password data
Watch Video Lesson Hashing Passwords Use hashing in your Flask applications!
Watch Video Lesson Salting Passwords Improve the security of password data by using salts when hashing
Do Review Class 13 Prep Review Solidify your knowledge of the concepts covered in these lessons