Class 3 Prep

HTTP and the Internet

This section is a high-level overview of the technologies that bind the internet together.

Task Resource Type Link Instructions
Do Interactive Course How the Web Works Watch all the videos in the playlist.
NOTE: In the video "Response Headers - Web Development" from about 1:55 into it till the end of the video, the instructor talks about telnet--you do not need to follow along with his commands as suggested.
Read Articles - The Web
- Servers
- HTTP Overview
- HTTP Methods
- Response Status Codes
- URLs
These articles are a little dry, but a foundational knowledge of these topics is important for everything else you will encounter on your web development learning journey.
Do Tutorial Hello Flask Learn how to create and work in a virtual environment, and use the Flask library to build a web application in five lines of code.
Read More Articles (optional) - The Internet
- Domain Names
- How Browsers Work
This is optional, but if you are itching to learn more, these topics are also important. You can also check out cheatsheets for more resources.