Class 12 Prep

The MVC Pattern

When working with web applications, there are a few widely-used approaches to organizing code to increase maintainability and flexibility, and separate responsibilities. Arguably the most important and widely-used of these is the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.

MVC is a design pattern, which means that it is an approach to structuring code that can be applied in different languages and different settings. Lots of web frameworks in a variety of languages enable the easy creation of MVC applications, and MVC is even used in mobile and desktop applications.

As you work through the lesson materials, think about the applications you've been working on in class, and how they relate to MVC.

Task Resource Type Link Instructions
Watch Video What is Programming MVC Watch this video for a general intro to MVC concepts and the division of responsibilities it entails
Read Article MVC for Noobs Read this article on MVC. Don't worry if you do not totally understand the sections discussing cakePHP. This is just an example of how MVC can be implemented. Focus on the sections up to "OK, but Why a Framework". Note that the author states "MVC is not a design pattern", but MVC can be thought of as either an architectural or a design pattern, depending on your point of view
Do Exercise N/A Complete the thought-exercise below
Do Review Class 12 Prep Review Solidify your knowledge of the concepts covered in these lessons


Open up your flicklist-flask project. Let's think about it in terms of the MVC organization.

If you were to organize the application based on MVC principles, in which of the three components would you put:

  • Jinja templates
  • Handler classes and methods (e.g. index and add_movie)
  • The User and Movie classes