Week 12 - Day 5: Certificates

Learning objectives for this module Day 5

Lesson Content



Now that we have completed an instruction week, let’s have a brief retro.


  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Buildpacks
  • Application Manifests
  • Domains and Routes
  • Logging and Metrics
  • Application Monitoring
  • Docker
  • UnionFS
  • SpringBoot with Docker
  • Docker Network
  • Docker Compose
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • OAuth
  • Client ID and client secret
  • Access tokens
  • Certificates

You will be required to work with these next week in your project week. We don’t expect you to know all of them now, but you should feel comfortable working with them next week.

What went well this week? (Which topics did you enjoy, or feel comfortable with?)

What do you need to focus on next week? (Which topics did you struggle with?)