Installation: Docker

What is Docker

Docker is a containerization tool. A container is a standardized unit of software, such as Postgres, ElasticSearch, or GeoServer, etc. We will be installing some things inside of a container so that they are separate from the rest of our computer, and so that we have a greater level of control over the software in our containers.

We are using containers for a few different reasons

  • Control - we can leverage docker’s built in tools to stop, start, and download software
  • Customization - we can have multiple versions of tools installed, and they can each be configured differently
  • Isolation - each container is stored in a unique location on your computer
  • Mimics cloud computing - Communication between containers, and applications is similar to how they operate in the cloud

In this class we will have a lesson on Docker where we will go into greater detail on Docker as a subject. However that is in the later part of this course. You will use Docker before that lesson, and this guide will help you install it.

Installation Steps: Mac

Docker mac installation steps

  1. Sign up for a free Docker Hub account
  2. Navigate to Docker Hub
  3. Download the Docker Desktop for Mac .dmg file
  4. Open the .dmg file to install Docker Desktop for Mac
  5. After installation run $ docker --version to verify docker installed correctly