Class 3: Project Setup, Online Profiles


Project Module

  • Understand intellectual property & software licensing

  • Know how to include a license

Career Module

  • Know what makes a good technical resume

  • Utilize LinkedIn to network with other professionals

  • Know how to use your GitHub account to showcase projects

Prep Work

Before coming to class, cover all of the material in the following modules:

In Class

Lecture: Software Licensing

We’ll discuss what your rights are when it comes to software licensing, how to choose a license, and how to get started contributing to open source projects.

Lecture: Resumes

In lecture, we’ll cover a few more points about what makes a good resume and share some examples.

Lecture: Online Profiles

We will talk about popular online profiles, like LinkedIn and GitHub. We’ll also discuss why online profiles are necessary and how they should be presented. We will have examples and take questions.

Activity: Resume Workshop

You will have time to work on your resume, GitHub profile, and LinkedIn. If you haven’t started a technical resume yet, you’ll be able to start based on some examples shared in the prep work. If you have an existing resume, you can pair up with a partner or your mentor to get feedback.


Before coming to class next week, complete both of these tasks: