Class 4: Project Review, Live Coding


Career Module

  • Know what an interviewer is looking for from a live coding session

  • Explain and demonstrate the steps necessary for a successful live coding session

  • Know where to find prompts for live coding practice

  • Know how to give and receive good code review feedback

Prep Work

Class 4 is an important class. We will start shifting our in-class focus from your project to career readiness. You will still be expected to work on your project outside of class.

You will have a project review with your mentor. They will be checking in on the progress of your project. Your mentor knows it’s a work in progress and doesn’t expect everything to be perfect, or even completed. Your mentor wants to see what you have completed so far.



You’ll notice, the timeline of Chris and Paul’s projects is a bit different than your own from now on.

Project Review Prep

The project review is very important. You need to make constant progress on your project to show employers you are ready for a job. We want to ensure you are making progress, and will do so with a review of your project.

In your Class 4 project review, your application should have the following in order to remain enrolled in the class: 1. A working landing page 2. At least one complete user story.

You are more than welcome to show off multiple completed user stories and multiple pages, but you must have at least a working landing page and one completed user story to pass this assignment and stay enrolled in the class.

The best way to prepare for this meeting is to spend a lot of time working on your project. As such, you will have no extra prep work outside of the Live Coding prep work listed below.

In Class

Your focus for the project module this week, and going forward, should be on making as much progress on your project as possible each week. If you reach a point where you have finished all of your pending user stories, you should write more.

Lecture: How do I show my technical skills in a live coding setting?

Live coding has been used in technical interviews for years. We will have a brief lecture and an example of what a live coding instance is like.

Lecture: How do I give and receive code review feedback?

In class today, we will discuss how to best address and give code review feedback when working with others.

Activity: Standup

Before having your one-on-one project review, you should conduct your standup. Each person should go around and state what tasks they got done this week and what they are working on next week.

Activity: Live Coding

Pair up with another student. Take turns playing the interviewer and interviewee. This is your chance to practice before the assignment next week. If you have questions, feel free to talk the problem over with your partner, or pull in one of your mentors.

Activity: Project Review

You will sit down with your mentor one-on-one and demo what progress you have made so far. You might not feel like you’ve made much progress, but you still need to show your mentor what you’ve done, and what you plan on doing next.

To pass this assignment, you must have:

  1. A working landing page

  2. At least one functioning and completed user story


Project Review