Class 5: Live Coding, Project Work


Career Module

  • Know where to find additional live coding practice problems

  • Know how to work through the steps of a live coding session

  • Be able to work with other beginners to continue building live coding experiences

Prep Work

In class during week 5, we will be having our live coding assignment. In preparation, this week you should continue practicing live coding problems. You can find practice problems on many websites:

As with last week, your focus this week should also be on making progress on your project. It’s critical at this juncture for you to gain some momentum and to leverage your mentor to get unstuck when things become difficult.

The articles below provide some good perspective and tips on being a budding developer, getting help, and working with a mentor. Your main focus should be on working as much as possible on your project!


In Class

Your focus for the project module this week, and going forward, should be on making as much progress on your project as possible. If you reach a point where you have finished all of your pending user stories, you should write more.

Activity: Standup

Before jumping into the Live Coding assignment we have scheduled for class today, have your standup meeting. Everyone should each state what you completed last week and what you are working on this coming week.

Remember that to be marked present on attendance, you must be able to show at least one user story you completed this previous week

Regroup: Live Coding Setup

For our live coding assignment, you have been randomly assigned to a different mentor, instructor, or volunteer who will administer your live coding assignment.

The instructor will introduce the activity, tell you where everyone is working, and share the list of live coding evaluators and students.

Activity: Live Coding Assignment

After the instructor introduction, the evaluators will begin calling names of people they are working with. Keep an ear out for your name to keep things moving along smoothly.

This assignment will take the majority of class time, however you will only spend 10-15 minutes performing your individual live coding assignment. Use the rest of your class time to work on your project, or other assignments.

You will have a chance to make up this assignment if you don’t pass today. We want to make sure you are comfortable with this process so you can retake this assignment as many times as you need. Remember, practice makes perfect!


In class, you will take part in Assignment: Live Coding.