Class 6: Interviewing


Career Module

  • Understand the parts of an interview: behavioral and technical

  • Understand what major categories interviewers are looking for with behavioral questions

  • Answer behavioral questions using the claim evidence model

  • Identify good and bad interview answers

Prep Work

As always continue to work on your project, completing one or more user stories before the next class.


In Class

Activity: Standup

Before the instructor begins their lesson, take time to have your standup meeting. Go around the group and talk about the user stories you completed this previous week, and the user stories you will work on this coming week.

Lecture: Technical Interviews

In class today we will see a presentation by the instructor. They will be sharing their experiences with interviewing for technical roles. We will also go over how to answer questions effectively, and how to prepare for an interview.

Activity: Technical Interview Practice

For our activity today, you will be paired with another student. You will take turns asking each other example interview questions and giving each other constructive feedback.

Project Work Time

There will probably be some time at the end of class today for you to work on your project. If you are stuck on something, or need help from a mentor, don’t hesitate to use this time to get unstuck on your project.


There is no assignment this week. Continue working on your project, and be prepared for the Mock Interview assignment next week.