Class 7: Mock Interview, Project Presentation


Project Module

  • Understand how to talk about your project in a presentation

Career Module

  • Understand the parts of an interview: behavioral and technical

  • Understand what you may encounter in a technical interview

  • Can prepare for and practice answering technical questions

  • Can respond correctly when asked a technical question you don’t know how to answer

  • Can incorporate project experiences and class experiences into technical questions

Prep Work

As always, continue to work on your project. Aim to complete one or more user stories before the next class.


In Class

Activity: Standup

Before we get started with today’s assignment, take a few minutes to have your standup. Go around the group and allow time for each person to talk about the user stories they completed this week, and the user stories they will be working on next week.

Regroup: Mock Interview Setup

Similar to the live coding assignment day, your instructor will provide you with instructions on where you will be interviewing and who you will be interviewing with.

Activity: Mock Interview Assignment

Things may be a little hectic, so please pay attention to announcements so you know when you will be interviewing. Your mock interview should only take 10-15 minutes, so with the remainder of your time work on your project!


You will complete Assignment: Mock Interview in class.

You should complete Assignment: Project Presentation before the next class.