Assignment: Project Presentation

Odds are, you still have stories to complete on your project. That’s okay. In fact, we encourage you to continue to work on your project well beyond the end of the Liftoff program. This helps you continue to learn and keep your skills sharp. And if you ever feel done with your project, start a new one! There’s no better way to acquire and demonstrate skills than by working on a project.

That said, we want to you to create a set of presentation slides summarizing your project. This serves multiple purposes:

  1. It shows us what you’ve accomplished to-date.
  2. It forces you to go through the process of outlining your project work at a high level, which is a useful exercise to prepare you to talk about it in interviews. It also makes it easy for you to give an actual presentation on your app in the future.
  3. Some of you will be asked to create a demo video that can help other learners with planning their projects.

Your Presentation

You will be creating a slide deck based on the same template used for the Capstone Project Demo videos.

You may start with the template in one of the following formats:

To download the Powerpoint template, select Download from the menu at the top right of the Dropbox page.

The Download link is in the menu at the top right of Dropbox

If you use Google Slides, you will need to first copy the document in order to make a version that you can edit.

In addition to the videos linked above, you may refer to a demo version of the presentation.


If you deployed your application, add the URL of where your app is hosted to one of your presentation slides (the main slide or the Demo slide work well for this).

When you are finished, create a PDF version of your presentation and add it to your liftoff-assignments GitHub repository in the P6-Project_Presentation folder. Then stage, commit, and push the changes. Submit the link to your liftoff-assignments repository via Canvas.