Class 8: Project Review, Deployment, Continued Education


Project Module

  • Understand the deployment process

Career Module

  • Understand how to continue learning on your own

Prep Work


In Class

Activity: Standup

Before we get started, take a minute to have your standup meeting.

Activity: Continued Education

For our final class today, we want to talk about continued education. You must continue learning on your own after this class, and you must continue learning on the job. We will talk about how to do this.

Regroup: Project Review

As a final activity for LaunchCode, you will be having a final project review. Your instructor will introduce this activity and give you direction on how to proceed.

Activity: Project Review

You will meet with your mentor one-on-one. They will be reviewing your project. They want to see that you have made significant progress from your first project review 4 weeks ago.


In class, you will complete your second Project Review.

A final, optional assignment shows you how to deploy your application, so others may use it. While not required, we highly recommend that you complete Assignment: Deployment.