Assignment: Live Coding

For this assignment, you will be required to successfully complete a live coding session with your mentor or LaunchCode staff member. The mentor or staff member will be grading you on your ability to move through the steps, communicate effectively, and work towards solving the problem.

Scheduling Time

Time will be allocated in class 4; however, you are more than welcome to attempt this assignment multiple times. If you want to take a second, or third, etc attempt, please talk to your mentor, who can find a time or connect you with a volunteer.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether or not you pass this assignment the first time or the eighth, you should regularly practice coding problems of the type likely to come up in an interview. Here are some resources for doing so.

Check Your Grade!

Your mentor will mark you as complete in Canvas when you complete the exercise. But, you are still responsible for checking your status before the class ends.