Assignment: Online Profiles

The goal of this assignment is for you to spend some time building a technical resume, creating a professional LinkedIn account, and updating your GitHub profile to highlight your projects.


Within your liftoff-assignments repository, open up C1-Online_Profiles/ You will need to add:

  • a .PDF of your resume

  • a link to your GitHub profile

  • a link to your LinkedIn profile.

To build your resume, follow the steps outlined in the Online Profiles module.

Commit your changes and push them to your GitHub repository. Your mentor will then be able to provide you with feedback via GitHub issues.

Alternate Submissions

If you are unwilling to upload your resume to GitHub, you will still be responsible for getting your resume to your mentor to grade. Talk to them in class about the best way to get them your resume. They may have you print out a physical copy, or email/slack them a digital copy, or they may want to see your resume during class.