Class 2: Project Planning and Design


Project Module

  • Understand the general flow from idea to code.

  • Understand wireframes, how they are tied to user stories, and how you can use them to plan your project.

  • Ability to create wireframes and to couple them with user stories.

  • Understand user story refining, prioritization, and estimation.

  • Utilize project management tools to document and plan project work.

  • Describe the basic components of a sprint: planning, kickoff, retrospective.

  • Estimate user stories as a means of predicting the work that can be carried out in a sprint.

  • Utilize wireframes to plan the structure of views and user interactions.

Prep Work

Before coming to class, coplete the following:

In Class

Lecture: How do you visualize a user story?

In class, we will have a lecture and discussion on how to visualize a user story. The intended user for your application will more than likely be expecting something on their screen to interact with. How can we plan/design what their screens will look like?

Before lecture today, please take a few minutes to think about what your project looks like to an end user. What do they need to see to use your application?

Activity: Design your wireframes!

Take this time to draw wireframes for your project check-in with your mentor. Talk about your wireframes with other people in your group. You might find that some of your wireframes look similar!

Lecture: How do you turn user stories and wireframes into code?

The instructor will give a brief presentation on a minimum viable product (MVP) and will give a live demonstration of completing a user story and wireframe.

Activity: Plan your MVP and check in with your mentor!

Use this time in class to polish your user stories and wireframes so you have an MVP. Share your plans with your mentor. You should be able to walk them through how a user interacts with your application by talking through the user stories and showing the wireframes.

Regroup: Instructor Demo and Questions

The instructor has an MVP for the example Attendance application. Let’s watch them develop a user story and wireframe and then create the code to see the final results.


Before class 3, complete the Project Planning assignment.