Assignment: Project Planning

For this assignment, you’ll create some initial plans for your project and create your project’s repo.

Getting Started

Within your liftoff-assignments repository, open up P3-Project_Planning/ You’ll see a couple of section headings in place for you. Flesh out your project plan by creating:

  1. A wireframe for each page in the MVP of your project, at least 3 total. These can be hand-drawn wireframes that you have photographed using your smartphone or they can be PDF or image exports from a tool like Moqups or Google Drawings. Regardless of how you create them, your wireframes should be clear and readable and they should be added as files within your Git repository. Be sure to submit following the formatting directives in the README, which includes adding your images to your repo, along with links to them within the README. Consult GitHub’s markdown reference as necessary.

  2. A link to your public project tracker (i.e. Trello). As part of the setup for this class, you created a project tracker and a project. Make sure you have added your MVP user stories and moved your initial stories into the “Next” column. Your stories should be clear and formatted as proper user stories and not just tasks.

  3. Create your initial project repository in GitHub. Don’t worry, you can always rename this later. Link this in the above README as well.

Submitting Your Work

Once you have finished both wireframe and user story components, commit and push your changes to your liftoff-assignments repository and submit the assignment on Canvas by submitting the URL to your README. Your mentor will provide feedback after the assignment deadline.