Assignment: Project Outline

For this assignment, you will submit a high-level outline of your project. This can, and likely will, change over time. In particular, your mentor will provide feedback and direction to help sharpen your ideas. So don’t worry if you feel unsure about some aspects of the outline, or if you have to change some things later.

Creating Your Outline

Within your liftoff-assignments repository, open up P2-Project_Outline/ You’ll see a few sections headings in place for you. Flesh out your project outline by providing:

  1. Overview: In 1-2 paragraphs, provide an “elevator pitch” for your project. This should be a high-level overview of your idea, in non-technical language. What will your app do? What might users find useful about it? Where did the idea come from?
  2. Features: List 3-5 features that you will implement in your project. Each feature should have a name and a 1-2 sentence description. Here are a few examples for a blog application:
    • User login: Users will be able to create accounts and log in to the application. Each user will have a profile page.
    • Search: Users will be able to search for blog posts containing given text.
    • Create Post: Users will be able to create new blog posts when logged in. New posts will appear in the user’s profile.
  3. Technologies: What languages and technologies will you use to build your application? For example, for the coding-events application from Unit 2 - Java, the technologies would be:
    • Java
    • Spring Boot
    • MySQL
    • Hibernate
    • Thymeleaf templates
  4. What you’ll have to learn: In the course of building your project, you’ll have to learn something new. Perhaps you want to use data from a public API, or add a bit of JavaScript to make your front-end more interactive. If you can’t name the exact technology or technique that you’ll have to learn, you should still be able to describe a problem that you have identified that you don’t currently know how to solve.
  5. Project Tracker: Link to your Trello board here.
  6. Enable GitHub Issues: If you haven’t already enabled GitHub Issues do so before submitting this assignment. If you haven’t enabled GitHub Issues yet your mentor will not be able to give you feedback on your project!

Submitting Your Outline

Once you have finished your project outline, commit and push your changes to your repository and submit the assignment on Canvas by submitting the URL to your outline. Your mentor will provide feedback after the assignment deadline.