Class 10 Prep Review

Here are some review questions for you to solidify your knowledge of the concepts covered in this class:

  1. What is the special value that will be assigned to user if the query didn't find a matching user in this statement:

    user = User.query.filter_by(email=email).first()
  2. What is a session? Why do we use it? What data type is Flask's session object?

  3. What is the decorator @app.before_request used for? When is a function with that decorator called? Explain what is going on in this code snippet:

    def require_login():
        allowed_routes = ['login', 'register']
        if request.endpoint not in allowed_routes and 'email' not in session:
            return redirect('/login')
  4. Why are flash messages useful? How do they relate to the session object?

  5. Describe what this line in the User class means:

    tasks = db.relationship('Task', backref='owner')