Java for Python Programmers

This set of lessons is for programmers that are comfortable with Python but are new to Java. They are unique in that they are written using an approach that builds on what you know about Python. Most concepts are introduced by first looking at an example of Python code, and then examining the relevant Java concepts. Along the way we will examine the strengths, weaknesses and differences between those two languages.


  1. Introduction
  2. Data Types
  3. Control Flow
  4. Data Structures and Collections
  5. Introduction to Classes and Objects
  6. Classes and Objects: Encapsulating Data
  7. Classes and Objects: Encapsulating Behavior
  8. Classes and Objects: Inheritance
  9. Class Diagrams
  10. Classes and Objects: Interfaces and Polymorphism
  11. Naming Conventions

Some content from Java for Python Programmers by Brad Miller, used under CC BY 3.0.