Area of a Circle

Get cosy with Java syntax by revisiting one of our early Python programs. We'll create a console program that calculates the area of a circle based on input from the user.

Work on Area of a Circle

Counting Characters

Practice working with ArrayList and HashMap objects, as we revisit one of our studios from Unit 1.

Work on Counting Characters

Bonjour, Spring!

Make your Hello, Spring! application multilingual.

Work on Bonjour, Spring!

Cheese MVC

Add some functionality to the cheese-mvc Spring Boot app

Work on Cheese MVC

Restaurant Menu

Practice class design by designing the classes for a restaurant's menu app.

Work on Restaurant Menu

MVC Design

Think about how a given MVC application should be structured.

Work on MVC Design

Restaurant Menu Continued

Continue working on your Menu and MenuItem classes by adding methods to them.

Work on Restaurant Menu Continued

Quiz Time!

Design and create a console program to deliver and score quizzes.

Quiz Time!

User Signup

Create an app that allows users to "sign up" via a form, and creates a new User object when a user signs up.

User Signup

User Signup Continued

Continue on your work from the last studio to add model validation

User Signup Continued

Sorting Cities

Implement the Comparator<T> interface to sort cities based on various criteria.

Sorting Cities

Cheese MVC Persistence

A guided walkthrough of adding a persistence / data layer to the cheese-mvc application.

CheeseMVC Persistence