23.2. Exercises: SQL Part 5 - Schemas and CRUD Operations

23.2.1. Getting Started

Fork this GitHub repository and clone to your computer.

If you need a refresher on how to do this see Instruction for Using GitHub w/Jupyter Notebooks.

23.2.2. Setup a New Connection

For this lesson, you will be using a separate username and password than the one you have been using for the class so far. This new account is unique to you and has the permissions necessary to practice the types of queries covered in the reading.

To set up a new connection, do the following:

  1. Open Azure Data Studio

  2. Select New and then New Connection

    Azure Data Studio welcome screen with new button clicked and drop down menu selecting new connection.
  3. Use the username and password assigned to you.

  4. The database you will connect to is the JunkDB assigned to your class.

    Connection details pop up with username, password and database filled in.

With your new connection configured, click on the junk database in the Object Explorer. Instead of clicking on Tables, click on the folder called Security and then Schemas. You should see a schema with your name on it. When practicing these queries, you will only be able to use your schema.

The example below is from the AdventureWorks2019 Database.

File Tree, Security Folder to schema folder to individual schemas.

23.2.3. Submitting Your Work

When finished make sure to push your changes up to GitHub.

Copy the link to your GitHub repository and paste it into the submission box in Canvas for Exercises: SQL Part 5 and click Submit.