A Collection of Class TechnologiesΒΆ

Lessons (When Introduced and Used) Software, Platform, & Packages/Languages Student Actions Install or Setup Directions
Introduced in Lesson 0 (Prep Work) and used in Lesson 1 (Control Flow), Lesson 2 (Lists and Strings), Lesson 3 (Functions), and Lesson 4 (Dictionaries) Replit.com, Canvas, Terminal, Data Analysis Textbook, and Python (language) Create Replit Account and log into Canvas Create Replit.com account, Canvas and Replit.com Setup, Your First Program, Terminal, and Git Workflow
Introduced and used in Lesson 5 (Intro to Data) Kaggle.com Create Kaggle account Register for a Kaggle Account and Kaggle Tips (in Canvas)
Introduced in Lesson 6 (EDA part 1) and used in Lesson 7 (EDA part 2), Lesson 8 (Cleaning Data), Lesson 9 (Data Manipulation), and Lesson 10 (Viz with Python) GitHub, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, and the following Python packages: pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, and numpy. Create a Github Account, learn how to use terminal for Github, download and install Anaconda, open, use, and save a Jupyter Notebook, and students will need to import packages (which are a part of Anaconda) into their notebooks. Create GitHub account, Instructions for Using Github w/Jupyter Notebooks (in Canvas), Getting Started w/ Anaconda (in Canvas), Using Jupyter Notebooks, and Anaconda packages list
Introduced in Lesson 11 (SQL part 1) and used in Lesson 12 (SQL part 2), Lesson 13 (SQL part 3), Lesson 14 (SQL part 4), and Lesson 15 (SQL part 5) Azure Data Studio, SQL Azure Data Studio and Azure notebooks To set up Azure Data Studio, please see the matching assignment in Canvas, and Quick intro to SQL Notebooks in Azure Data Studio
Introduced and used in Lesson 16 (Working with Db in Python) Python Packages: pandas and sqlite3 Packages are part of Anaconda. None
Introduced in Lesson 17 (Viz with Tab 1) and used in Lesson 18 (Viz with Tab 2), Lesson 19 (Viz with Tab 3), Lesson 20 (Viz with Tab 4) Tableau Create Tableau Public account (Application we are using for visualizations) and Create Tableau.com account (This account is for learning materials) Download Tableau Public and look for the Troubleshooting document in your Prep Work Assignments in Canvas.
Introduced and used in Lessons 21 and 22 (Intro into stats & Modeling with python parts 1 & 2) Python Packages: pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, numpy, datetime, sklearn, and statsmodels Jupyter or Azure notebooks and Packages are part of Anaconda None