16.1. Before You Begin

It is time to shift our focus away from online code editors and towards local development. In the remaining chapters, you will run applications installed on your personal device instead of using scaled down versions inside a web browser. Creating programs locally gives you more control over the organization, security, and structure of your programs. It also allows you to use more flexible and powerful tools.

If you are a student and using a device provided by your school, all of the required software should already be installed on your machine. If you are working through this textbook on your own, you may need to perform some installations before continuing.

Instructions for installing the necessary software on your machine can be found in the Setting up Software appendix. In this chapter, we introduce one new program: the Terminal (called Git Bash on a Windows machine). Check to make sure you have this application on your device.

16.1.1. Chromebook Users

If you are using a school-owned device, you should have access to a virtual desktop that holds all of the necessary software. Follow your teacher’s instructions for logging in to this service.

16.1.2. Replit Users

Instead of terminal, Replit has a shell tab. You will be able to add files, folders and navagate within your current repl. Follow your teacher’s instructions and modifications for this chapter.