11.7. Studio: Methods

11.7.1. Getting Started

Getting Started: Click here for the starter code. As you work through the studio, you’ll be updating this code.

11.7.2. Creating A Better Reverse Method

The Reverse method flips the order of the elements within an array. However, Reverse does not affect the digits or characters within those elements.


string[] arr = new string[] {"hello", "world", "123", "orange"};


foreach(string a in arr)

Console Output


What if we wanted the reversed array to be


Let’s have some fun by creating a process that reverses BOTH the order of the entries in an array AND the order of characters within the individual elements.

Remember that a method should perform only one task.

11.7.3. Warm-Up: Reverse a Number Array

  1. Define a method called ReverseNumbers that will sort the numbers within an array in descending order.

  2. Within the method, Sort the array.

  3. Use Reverse method to put the items into descending order.

  4. Using a loop of your choice, print your final array to the console.

  5. Be sure to test your method, call it at least twice with arrays of different sizes and numbers.

11.7.4. Reverse a String

  1. Define a method called ReverseLetters that will reverse each character inside a string and print the results to the console. This will be similar to the ReverseNumbers method.

  2. Look through the String Methods and Array Methods to figure out the best approach for this. Consider the following: How can you access or alter characters within strings? What data types are going into your method, being used in your method, and printed by your method?

  3. Be sure to test your method by invoking it a few times. Some test examples you could use: C Sharp, Hello, Coding is fun! they should return as prahS C, olleH, and !nuf si gniodC .

  4. Now make this method take input from a user. Print a message that contains the original string and the newly reversed string.

11.7.5. Palindrome Checker

Now that you can completely reverse a string, let’s use this to check to see if a word is a palindrome. A palindrome is a word that is spelled the same forwards and backwards. Some examples are sagas, kayak, and racecar.


There are other factors that are sometimes included in the definition of a palindrome. For example, an alternative definition is that a palindrome is a sentence or phrase that contains letters in the same order, whether considered from beginning-to-end, or end-to beginning, ignoring punctuation, case, and spaces.

One way to state a palindrome condition is to say that a palindrome is a string that is equal to its reverse. When we think about it that way, what we need to do is create a method that will take a string, reverse it, compare it to the original and verify if they are equal.

You have alredy built a function that reverses a string. It shouldn’t be too hard to extend that method to be able to detect palindromes.

  1. Define your method IsPalindrome, to check if a string is equal to its reverse. Think what data type the overall outcome will require.

  2. Make sure your method provides a message that informs whether or not the input is a palidrome or not. Some single word examples you can test: racecar, civic, sagas.

  3. Make this method accept user input.

  4. Will upper or lowercase be an issue?

Bonus Mission: Modify your method to accept mulitple word palindromes. For example, Drab as a fool, aloof as a bard or Never odd or even.