23.5. Exercises: HTML

Getting Started: Create a new HTML project in Visual Studio. Refer back to the section on How to Create an HTML Project in Visual Studio.

Fork and clone this repo for the starter code. Use the HTML-Exercise project.

  1. Add a h1 to the page that says “Why I Love Web Development”

  2. Add an ordered list to the page with 3 reasons why you love web development.

  3. Add a link to this page below your list.

  4. Add a paragraph about the website you want to make with your web development superpowers!

This code block gives you a rough outline for how it might look.

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <!-- h1 goes here --->
      <!-- ol goes here --->
      <!-- a goes here --->
      <!-- p goes here --->


When you create a new HTML file in Visual Studio, it will be populated with HTML. Depending on the version, it may look different than the example HTML above. This is fine. Start adding your code within the body of your HTML file. You do not need to delete anything.

Make sure to test your HTML by opening it in a browser window. To do this, right click on the index.html in your Solution Explorer. A menu will pop up, select the Open With option. Another menu should pop up displaying providing you with internet browser options. Select one and you should see your HTML in the internet browser.

If it is not showing up, make sure you have saved all of your work in Visual Studio. Then do a quick refresh of the browser window.