15.1. What is Git?

Git is a Version Control System (VCS) and used by many programmers and corporations.

15.1.1. Version Control Systems

A VCS is a system for tracking changes to a code base and storing each version. Version control systems keep backups and a revision history of the codebase over time. As the codebase evolves, the chances of bugs or broken code increase. Revision history allows programmers to roll back to an earlier bug-free codebase version. A VCS also enables collaboration between programmers. Allowing them to work on different versions of a code base and share their work.

A VCS has a repository or storage container for the codebase. Repositories include the files within the code base, the versions over time, and a log of the changes made. When a programmer updates the repository, it means they are making a commit.

15.1.2. Getting Started with Git

To get started with Git, you need to install Git and install Visual Studio on your machine.

15.1.3. Check Your Understanding


What is one benefit of using a VCS?