25.4. Studio: Tableau Part 1 - Introduction to Visualization

25.4.1. Getting Started

Please use your best judgement on the type of chart, layout, and interpretation of the list below. This is an exercise to get hands-on experience with Tableau. This will be the first stop on a journey of many skills!

  1. We will be using the Mushroom Classification dataset from Kaggle. Download the CSV file.

  2. Open Tableau Public and connect to your dataset.

  3. Create visualizations for the following: (a sheet for each).

    1. How many Mushrooms are poisonous vs edible?

    2. How many different habitats were mushrooms collected from?

    3. How many Mushroom habitats compared to class?

    4. How many Mushrooms sorted by class and cap-color?

    5. Create aliases for each letter in the chart from #4 above.

      1. Use the context provided in the dataset for what each letter represents.

      2. Explore the “Marks” card to add color or size to chart d based on the chart design you have chosen.

      3. Give your chart a new title.

    6. Create your own chart with at least 2 dimensions and aliases to provide context.

    7. Create a dashboard with at least 2 of your sheets.

    8. Save and publish your dashboard.

25.4.2. Submitting Your Work

When finished make sure to save and publish your work to your Tableau Public account. Copy the URL to your published Tableau project and paste it into the submission box in Canvas for Studio: Visualization with Tableau Part 1 and click Submit.