25.3. Exercises: Tableau Part 1 - Introduction to Visualization

25.3.1. Getting Started

Work through World Happiness Dashboard in Tableau to create your own dashboard. This walkthrough uses the World Happiness Dataset on Kaggle.

25.3.2. Step-by-step Guide for this Walkthrough

As you read through the article, don’t hesitate to try out what the videos demonstrate or just experiment with Tableau to figure things out. We have outlined the steps from the article below so you don’t lose your place! Download the Dataset

  1. Download the 2019.csv file from the Kaggle dataset. Viz 1: Happiness Score of Countries — 2019

  1. Create the Map.

    1. Drop the Latitude pill into the Rows shelf.

    2. Drop Longitude pill into Columns shelf.

    3. Drop Country or region onto the Marks Card.

      1. This is added as a Detail. Look at the icons to verify.

    4. Select Score and drag it onto the Color box contained in the Marks card.

    5. Rename your sheet: either double click on “Sheet 1” in the View or right click on the Sheet tab to update the name.

      1. If only updating the view, the sheet tab name will not change. Viz 2: Happiness Score vs GDP and Healthy Life Expectancy

  1. Drag Score onto the Row shelf.

    1. It will automatically aggregate as a SUM of Score.

    2. To remove that, find the drop down menu on the right side of the pill and select “Dimension”.

  2. Drag GDP per capita onto the Columns shelf.

    1. Convert this into a “Dimension”, too.

  3. Drag the Healthy Life Expectancy into the Color box found in the Marks card.

  4. Rename your sheet. Viz 3: Freedom and Social Support vs Score

  1. Drop Score into the Columns shelf.

    1. Within the Score pill, find the drop down menu and select “Dimension”.

  2. Drag the Freedom to make life choices pill onto the Rows shelf.

    1. Notice that it changed to a SUM - keep it this way.

  3. Drag the Social Support pill onto the Row shelf.

    1. Notice that is also now a SUM - keep it this way.

  4. To rename an axis, double-click on it and make the changes desired.

  5. Rename your sheet. Make a Dashboard

  1. Use the tab to create a new dashboard.

  2. Drag your sheets onto the dashboard.


    If you only renamed the sheets within your view, the tabs will not have changed. This is okay. You can either update the tab names now or work with Sheet 1, Sheet 2, and Sheet 3.

  3. You may make it identical to the dashboard in the article, or design it yourself.

25.3.3. Submitting Your Work

When finished make sure to save and publish your work to your Tableau Public account. Copy the URL to your published Tableau project and paste it into the submission box in Canvas for Exercises: Visualization with Tableau Part 1 and click Submit.