24.3. Studio: Working with Databases in Python

24.3.1. Getting Started

Before getting started with the coding, create a watchlist of 10 TV shows/movies that you, personally, are interested in watching.

For this weeks studio fork this GitHub repository and clone to your computer.

If you need a refresher on how to do this see Instruction for Using Github w/Jupyter Notebooks.

24.3.2. In Your Notebook

We will be using the TV Shows dataset from Kaggle. We have included the CSV for you in the repository you just cloned.

You will also be using the watchlist you created to figure out which streaming services contain the shows that you want to watch next so you can decide which one is worth the money to you.

As you complete the different tasks in the studio, you may choose between using pandas or SQL. Remember that during the prep work, we learned that one is oftentimes more efficient at certain tasks than the other, so choose wisely!

24.3.3. Submitting Your Work

When finished make sure to push your changes up to GitHub.

Copy the link to your GitHub repository and paste it into the submission box in Canvas for Studio: Working with Databases in Python and click Submit.