Set Up a New Course Wiki

The course wikis can be found under the Wiki tab on the repos for the course textbook. The wiki holds general information about the textbook and information about the pain points for each lesson. Instead of individually editing each page under this tab, we have a second repository to manage contributions from course staff, CEMs, and the Education team. This second repository is the wiki repository.

Under the LaunchCodeEducation Github organization, create a new repository. For wiki repos, the naming convention is to name it after the textbook repo and add “-wiki” at the end. For example, the wiki repo for the JavaScript textbook is called intro-to-professional-web-dev-wiki. Clone the new repository to your local machine.

Now we need to add the wiki template as an upstream repository. Use the following command inside your wiki directory:

git remote add

Then merge in the upstream with your main branch.

git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master

Your directory should now include files with general information about the textbook and a script, Find and replace COURSE_NAME with name of your course textbook repo. For example, if your textbook repo’s name is intro-to-professional-web-dev, you find and replace COURSE_NAME with “intro-to-professional-web-dev”. This insures that the URLS in your repo are leading to the correct place.

Commit and push your changes to your main branch. Now you are ready to deploy your changes to the wiki tab on the textbook repo for course staff and CEMs to easily access. To do so, we need to run In your directory, run the following command:


This should result in your changes showing up under the wiki tab on the course textbook repo. If it fails to run, it might be because the script is not buildable on your machine. Try running:

chmod +x

If that completes, try runing your script again. You should see the changes successfully pushed to textbook repo. Head over to the wiki tab on the textbook repo to confirm.

With these steps complete, make sure to share your wiki repo with CEMs and course staff so they can submit issues and create PRs throughout their course!