Assignments are small projects in which you will combine the concepts you have been learning. See for the due-dates and when to begin each assignment.

How to Submit

The process for submitting your work is always the same:

  1. Finish the assignment.
  2. commit and push your work to a repository on your GitHub profile.
  3. Find the corresponding assignment on and enter the GitHub URL for your project.
  4. Find a TF and demo your project for them.

🐘 Pyramid Slide

Solidify your comfort with Javascript basics by making a slightly more complicated twist on the Mario studios.

Work on Pyramid Slide

🐘 The AJAXson 5

Use an API to fetch animated GIFs and display them on screen for the user. Use Bootstrap to quickly make your page nice-looking and responsive.

Work on The AJAXson 5

🐘 Word Up!

Tie together all your front-end skills by creating a slick word-game that makes API calls to validate the user's words against a real dictionary.

Work on Word Up