Class # Prep Work Studio Topics Begin Assignment* Objectives
1 Prep Work Area of a circle Setup, Intro to C#, Data types   Objectives
2 Prep Work Counting Characters Flow control, C# Collections, More on strings TechJobs (Console Edition) Objectives
3 Prep Work Bonjour, ASP.NET! MVC redux, Intro to ASP.NET MVC   Objectives
4 Prep Work CheeseMVC Views and Razor Templates   Objectives
5 Prep Work Restaurant Menu Objects and Data TechJobs (MVC Edition) Objectives
6 Prep Work Restaurant Menu Continued Objects and Behavior   Objectives
7 Prep Work Quiz Time! Inheritance   Objectives
8 Prep Work User Signup Model classes in ASP.NET, Model Binding   Objectives
9 Prep Work User Signup Continued ViewModels, Model Validation, Enum Types TechJobs (Object-Oriented Edition) Objectives
10 Prep Work No Studio Exceptions   Objectives
11 Prep Work Cities Interfaces and polymorphism   Objectives
12 Prep Work CheeseMVC Persistent Persistence Part I: Setting Up EntityFrameworkCore, Storing Objects, One-to-many relationships Cheese MVC Persistent Objectives
13 Prep Work CheeseMVC Persistent Persistence Part II: Many-to-Many Relationships   Objectives
14 Prep Work CheeseMVC Persistent ASP.NET MVC Apps Beyond LC101   Objectives