Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator

To use this text-based Bash shell on our Ubuntu machines we will need to open a terminal emulator application. The terminal emulator is the graphical software that provides many features including:

  • a window
  • a window exit button
  • minimize and maximize window buttons

The terminal emulator is also configured to:

  • handle key-press events
  • handle click events
  • receive Bash commands
  • display Bash Standard Output (STDOUT)

The terminal emulator we will be using in this class is simply called terminal. You can find it by clicking the Activities button in the top left corner of your Ubuntu screen.

Ubuntu Activities Search

Then search for the program terminal.

Ubuntu Activities Search: terminal

Either hit enter, or click the terminal application and a new terminal emulator will be launched!

Ubuntu Terminal Emulator


You can also open a new terminal in Ubuntu with the ctrl + alt + t keyboard shortcut!