Group Project Git Setup

Guide for setting up the repository for the group projects.

LaunchCode Creates Repository

The class manager should create a new repository for each group. Don’t worry about the repository name, because the group mentor or students can change that later to be more relevant to the project topic.

The new repository should be added to the LaunchCode Liftoff Projects organization.

Group Mentor as Repository Admin

The class manager should add the group mentor as an admin to the group repository.

  1. Go to settings for the new group repository
  2. Go to Collaborators & Teams section
  3. Look up the group mentor in the search box
  4. Add the mentor as an Admin

Group Mentor Adds Students to Repository

It’s the group mentor’s responsibility to add students to the group repository. Students should be given Write access to the repository.

Students Clone Repository

After being added to the repository, the students can clone the repository to their computer.