Exercise Solutions: Controllers and Routing

When the user submits the form (via a POST request), they should be greeted in the selected language. Your new feature should:

  1. Include at least 5 languages, with English being the default. If you don’t speak 5 languages yourself, ask your friend the Internet.

  2. Include a new public static method, createMessage, in the HelloController that takes a name as well as a language string. Based on the language string, you’ll display the proper greeting.

@RequestMapping(value="hello", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public String helloPost(@RequestParam String name, @RequestParam String language) {
    if (name == null) {
        name = "World";

    return createMessage(name, language);

    // For a bonus mission, students can change this response text to look nicer.
    // This is subjective, but students should be modifying the HTML of the response string.

public static String createMessage(String n, String l) {
    String greeting = "";

    if (l.equals("english")) {
        greeting = "Hello";
    else if (l.equals("french")) {
        greeting = "Bonjour";
    else if (l.equals("italian")) {
        greeting = "Bonjourno";
    else if (l.equals("spanish")) {
        greeting = "Hola";
    else if (l.equals("german")) {
        greeting = "Hallo";

    return greeting + " " + n;

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