Studio: Unit Testing

For this studio, you will be writing unit tests to help you find errors in provided code.

Getting Started

  1. Locate the balanced-brackets project in java-web-dev-projects/unit-testing/studio directory.

  2. Open the balanced-brackets project in IntelliJ.

  3. Write unit tests to find the errors in BalancedBrackets.

    1. The tests you write should guide how you revise the source code. Use TDD to first write tests that will work for the desired behavior of BalancedBrackets. When your tests fail, correct the class to pass your tests.
    2. The content of your tests is up to you, but you should write at least 12 tests.

    Here’s a first test to help get you started:

    Assert that brackets in the correct order, "[]", return true.

    public void onlyBracketsReturnsTrue() {

BalancedBrackets is essentially a wrapper class for a method. And because it’s only method is static, we don’t need to create an instance to test hasBalancedBrackets().


Discuss with your fellow students and TA how the
class should behave. What are some examples of input, and what would the desired output be for each input?

Uploading Your Work

Push your work to save your solution in your remote repository.