Exercises: Unit Testing

Work on these exercises in the IntelliJ car-exercises project in java-web-dev-projects/unit-testing/exercises. You will update your CarTest.java file by adding more test cases.


Add a test for the third TODO, “gasTankLevel is accurate after driving within tank range”.

  1. Your test must use the Car method drive()

  2. With a value of 50 miles passed into drive(), we expect test_car to have a gasTankLevel of 9.

       assertEquals(9, test_car.getGasTankLevel(), .001);
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Add a test for the fourth TODO, “gasTankLevel is accurate after attempting to drive past tank range”.

  1. You’re on your own for this one. You’ll need to simulate the Car traveling farther than it’s gasTankLevel allows.
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The test for our last TODO is a little different. We are going to perform an action on our car object, and we are expecting the object to throw an error. In this case, we are going to attempt to add gas to our car that exceeds the gas tank size.

  1. First, we’ll add some code to our test to tell JUnit to expect an exception.

       //TODO: can't have more gas than tank size, expect an exception
       public void testGasOverfillException() {
          assertthrows(IllegalArgumentException.class, () -> );

    This lets JUnit know that this test should pass if an IllegalArgumentException is thrown at any point during this test.

  2. Update the Car class to include an addGas() method.

       public void addGas(double gas) {
         this.setGasTankLevel(gas + this.getGasTankLevel());
  3. Back in CarTest, implement the new addGas() method and what should happen if the exception is thrown after the -> syntax using this code: test_car.addGas(5), "Shouldn't get here, car cannot have more gas in tank than the size of the tank". The string will be displayed if the test fails.

  4. Run the test. It should fail! In the output is an unexpected exception. This test was expecting an IllegalArgumentException, but it got an AssertionError exception. This caused the test to fail.

  5. We need to refactor Car to throw an exception when too much gas is added to the tank. Find the setGasTankLevel method and modify it:

       public void setGasTankLevel(double gasTankLevel) {
          if (gasTankLevel > this.getGasTankSize()) {
             throw new IllegalArgumentException("Can't exceed tank size");
         this.gasTankLevel = gasTankLevel;
  6. Now, run the test - it should pass!

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