Chapter 17: Introduction to Object-Relational Mapping

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how object-relational mapping allows object-oriented web applications to store data in relational databases
  2. Implement ORM for individual, non-related entities in Spring Boot
  3. Explain what object-relational mapping means
  4. Describe what a data layer is, and how it is used in ORM

Key Terminology

Here is a list of key terms that you should make note of as you read through this chapter.

Object-Relational Mapping

  1. Object-Relation Mapping
  2. ORM
  3. Java Persistence API
  4. JPA
  5. Data Layer
  6. object-relational mapper
  7. Environment Variables
  8. Hibernate

Accessing Data

  1. CrudRepository
  2. @Repository
  3. @Entity
  4. @Id
  5. @GeneratedValue
  6. persistent class
  7. entity class


  1. @Autowired