Chapter 3: Control Flow and Collections

Learning Objectives

Upon completing all the material in this chapter, you should be able to do the following:

  1. Use basic control flow structures
  2. Create and work with common collections objects
  3. Understand how to choose a collection type for a given problem

Key Terminology

Here is a list of the key terms you will find throughout the chapter organized by the page upon which they first appear.


  1. Operators
  2. if statements
  3. else clause
  4. else if
  5. switch
  6. case
  7. break
  8. fallthrough


  1. for loop
  2. for-each loop
  3. while loop
  4. do-while loop
  5. continue


  1. collections
  2. Java Collections Framework


  1. ArrayList
  2. generic class
  3. generic type
  4. ArrayList.add()
  5. ArrayList.size()


  1. bracket notation