Assignment #3: Tech Jobs (MVC Edition)


Your first two tasks as an apprentice went well! You, Blake, and Sally built the TechJobs console prototype and then refactored the code to move it to an object-oriented format.

After demonstrating the prototype for the Company Team at LaunchCode, it received the green light to be fully built out as a web application.

The first step in this process will be to quickly develop a minimum viable product , or MVP. The goal is to get a functioning web app up and running with as little work as possible. That way, additional feedback and testing can be done early in the development process. After that, additional behind-the-scenes work will be carried out to fully develop the model and data side of the application.

For this next step in the project, you’ll be working with Carly.

LaunchCode Mentor Carly

Carly was once a LaunchCode apprentice as well, so she knows just what it’s like to be in your shoes. She’s done some initial work on the project and left you some TODO tasks that she knows you can handle.

Learning Objectives

In this project, you’ll show that you can:

  1. Read and understand code written by others.
  2. Work within the controller and view portions of a Spring Boot application.
  3. Use Thymeleaf syntax to display data within a view.
  4. Create new handler methods to process form submission.

TechJobs (MVC Edition)

You’ll start with some code that Carly has provided. The idea behind your current assignment is to quickly deliver a functioning Spring Boot application, so you’ll focus on the controllers and views.

In order to do this, you’ll be reusing the JobData class and job_data.csv file from the console app. You will eventually have to go back and rewrite the data portion of the application to make a true, database-backed model. However, using the existing JobData class to provide some basic data functionality lets you focus on the views and controllers for now.

Your Assignment

The list below provides a general overview of your assigned tasks. Specific details for each part appear in the following sections, so be sure to read them carefully as you solve each problem.

  1. Review Carly’s code in the JobData file as well as in the existing controllers and views.
  2. As her next step, Carly created two basic templates to show lists of jobs for each field of the data (employer, location, etc.). You will need to add some details to these views to allow users to select and display jobs stored in the system.
  3. Carly started working on the search feature, but only got as far as writing the code to display the search form. She’s handed the project to you to finish the rest. First, you’ll create a controller method to retrieve search results.
  4. Finally, you’ll display search results in the view.

Throughout your work, refer to our demo app as needed to clarify questions about intended application behavior.