Task 3: Make Search Methods Case-Insensitive

You’ve completed your first two tasks!

Let’s assume you demonstrated the updated application for the Company Team, and they noticed a feature that could be improved. When searching for jobs with the skill JavaScript some results were missing (e.g.┬áthe Watchtower Security job on line 31 of the CSV file). The search methods turn out to be case-sensitive, so they treat JavaScript and Javascript as different strings.

The Company Team strongly requested that this needs to be fixed, and of course you told them that you are up to the task.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you get started:

  1. Which methods are called when searching?
  2. How is the user’s search string compared against the values of fields of the job HashMap objects?
  3. How can you make this comparison in a way that effectively ignores the case of the strings?
  4. How can you do this without altering the capitalization of the items in allJobs so that the data gets printed out the same way that it appears in job_data.csv?

You might find it useful to review the String methods listed in the chapter on Data Types .

When this task is completed, you’re ready to submit your assignment!