Specialized Text Inputs

For these text inputs the browser will validate and provide feedback to the user based on rules for the declared type.

date<input type="date" name="flightDate"/>Browser validates the value is a valid date format. Some browsers provide a date picker.
email<input type="email" name="emailAddress"/>Browser validates the value is a valid email address format.
number<input type="number" name="fuelTemp"/>Browser validates the value is a valid number format.
<form action="https://handlers.education.launchcode.org/request-parrot" method="post">
    <label>Email<input type="email" name="emailAddress"/></label>
    <label>Report Date<input type="date" name="reportDate"/></label>
    <label>Crew Count<input type="number"
    name="crewCount" min="1" max="10"/></label>
    <button>Send Report</button>

Form with Code Name, Code Word, and Description field. All fields have values.

Submitted Values

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