Next Steps

After completing this chapter, you are ready to step into the chapter covering HTML. If you want some additional resources on terminal usage, here are some of our favorites:

  1. Linux Curriculum! - Bash: Intro - This walkthrough provides an overview of Bash and basic commands. Keep in mind that this walkthrough was written with a Linux operating system in mind. With that said you are running git bash for this classroom so a lot of the information still applies.

  2. More Linux - File System Commands - similar to the above this walkthrough has a lot of the basic commands that you might use within a Linux file system using Bash.

  3. Windows PowerShell - As a windows user you may be interested in pursuing more information in regards to powershell. This is the official Microsoft documentation.

  4. Vim Walkthrough - If you have ever heard the term Vim or gotten stick inside of a Vim text editor then this article might be of interest to you!

  5. W3Schools CLI - W3Schools article covering what the cli is.

  6. geeksforgeeks What is Terminal, Console, Shell, and Kernel? - More information from geeksforgeeks covering the terminal, console, shell, and the kernal.