Chapter 7: Stringing Characters Together

Learning Objectives

  • Understand strings, like arrays, are indexed collections
  • Index into a string using bracket notation
  • Describe what it means for strings to be immutable
  • Find the length of a string using the .length method
  • Create strings with special characters: \n, \t, unicode (e.g. ‘\u03a9’)
  • Include quotes with strings by escaping them
  • Use template literals to create strings that rely on variable values
  • Use common string methods: indexOf, charAt, toLowerCase, toUpperCase, trim, replace, slice
  • Understand how ASCII allows characters to be represented as numbers
  • Convert characters from string to ASCII codes and back using charCodeAt and String.fromCharCode

Key Terminology

  • collection
  • character
  • template literal
  • bracket notation
  • Unicode
  • object
  • property
  • method