Technologies in This Course

As you work your way through this course you might find yourself wondering why we chose specific technologies and what job opportunities are available to someone with your newfound skillset.

Below you will find brief descriptions on the main technologies used in this course. Do not worry about understanding what each technology is used for at this very moment. This is just meant to serve as an outlook on what to expect throughout the course. You will learn more about each technology individually as you progress through the book.

Unit 1 Technologies

  1. JavaScript: Reference back to this page
  2. React is a library developed and maintained by Facebook. This is one of the most widely used web technology used by front-end developers today.
  3. Node.js is a popular web technology primarily used for running JavaScript code on the server-side as opposed to the client-side.
  4. git is an open-source version-control system that you will be using throughout this course in order maintain code that you have written.

JavaScript and React are considered cornerstones of building the part of websites users interact with called the front end. Many web development jobs ask for some knowledge of front end development and JavaScript.

Unit 2 Technologies

Once you complete Unit 1 you will move on to Unit 2 of this program. Unit 2 will involve learning either Java/Spring or C#/ASP.NET

  1. Java
  2. Spring
  3. C#
  4. ASP.NET

These Unit 2 technologies are oftentimes used for the back end of a website. We will explore more about what the back end is in Unit 2, but lots of web development jobs ask for some understanding of back end development too.


You may find yourself gravitating towards either front end or back end development throughout the course. That is totally to be expected! Many developers feel that they are stronger in one of these two areas. As you starting your journey in web development, we aim to teach you both so that you can decide which areas of web development you like the most yourself!


Regardless of which Unit 2 programming language you learn you will be working with a MySQL database. You can find more on MySQL below.

  1. MySQL

Additional Information

You can also view the 2023 Stack Overflow developer survey results related to technologies here: Survey Results . While these surveys are cool, we want to note that this survey covers multiple industries. While Python is towards the top of the list in terms of popularity, you won’t find us teaching it to you in this class. That is because it is an immensely popular language in the field of data and not popular at all in web development.