Blended Learning

This page covers what to expect during in-class time for students enrolled in a LaunchCode blended learning course. Students taking an independent learning course may skip this page.

We only have a short amount of time in class to learn a lot, so using a blended learning model helps us make the most of our time in this course. A blended learning model incorporates in-class learning with online materials like this textbook.

In-Class Time

In class, you join fellow students on the same learning journey as you. We encourage students to engage, interact, and encourage each other throughout the class.

In-class time is run by an instructor and teaching assistants. This dedicated staff facilitates the activities and provides support to the students.

Large Group Time

During the large group time, the whole class participates in the lesson, led by the instructor. The lesson is not a substitute for doing the prep work before class. It’s a time for us to review examples as a group and shore up concepts from the reading.

Small Group Time

After the large group time, we break up into small groups, each led by a teaching assistant. During small group time, we do our studios. This is a time to ask for individual support if you need it. It is meant to be a place where you can feel comfortable talking openly about concepts you are struggling with.